Songtickets is a box containing NFC enabled tickets, that travels from person to person, mediating as gift in a music sharing ritual. In this way, a music chain is created supported by an online service, which offers a platform for small communities of people to connect through music.


Music has been around for ages and has always played an important role in human culture and society. Nowadays, with the coming of cloud computing and ubiquitous, smart, mobile and personal devices, the way we deal with music in everyday life has changed completely. Music streaming services allow us to access any song, anywhere, at any time. In the past people gave each other CDs or mixtapes, but somehow sharing music in the digital world no longer feels as special as sharing it physically. I believe the sharing experience of music can be enriched and therefore become more meaningful.

Apart from the loss of the tangible qualities of streaming music, there are new opportunities for this medium as well. The fact that virtually all music in the world is so easily accessible opens up opportunities for innovation in the music business. And that is what this project is about. In the past year I have explored the way we experience music and designed for a new music sharing experience through an iterative process. This resulted in Songtickets, a new way of sharing music as a gift by passing on a physical object, creating a music community together.

This project aimed at enhancing the music sharing experience by learning from the ritual of gift giving. With an iterative process consisting of three iterations, the music experience was investigated in combination with cultural aspects of gift giving. The knowledge generated was implemented in the final design Songtickets.