Hi! I am Thomas van de Werff

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Thomas van de Werff




MSc. in Industrial Design
Specialisation in experience design
BSc. in Industrial Design


Concept design, user-centered design, needfinding, value-driven design, design thinking, visual communication


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I design for an environment that allows people to feel and act as humans. Firstly we should be able to relate to our devices and vice versa, secondly we should feel more in control of our environment.

The merging of virtual and physical spaces is an inevitable development, and we should welcome it.

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Recently I came accross this video of John Maeda, talking about what it takes to be a successful creative leader in the field of design.

I ❤ data

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Beautiful visualisation of how Dexter sucked, Breaking Bad rocks and Game of Thrones is something I need to watch

Art with a sense of humour

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Aparna Rao: Art that craves your attention The work of Pors & Rao has inspired me for a long time now. When starting with design I got intrigued by the...